I have bought a lot of Am-Tech stuff at various shows and market stalls over the years and been quite impressed by the value for money. During a lesson one of my clients asked where he could get something I was using and when I told him he said there was no way he could get there with his commitments so I promised to look into stocking them myself.

It took a surprisingly long time to find the UK importer because they weren’t listed as Am-Tech but under their own trade name. I made contact and got a catalogue on CD ROM via their web-site and everything I wanted was there with the list prices I had been paying. There was no mention of trade deals however and there was two other terms I was unfamiliar with “inners” and “outers”. I scoured the web-site to no avail and so resorted to the telephone. Trade discounts were very good but then it all fell apart. “Inners” were the packs within the (“Outers”) bulk shipping pack  An inner was typically a dozen the outer was typically a fork lift truck pallet. The company was not interested in splitting outers and had a minimum single order limit of 1000. I was sunk!

I persevered however and was given a list of wharehouses down this end of the country who they knew held a good stock range and were set up to split pallets. I found a cash & carry about half an hour away with a minimum order limit of 100 who was even happy to split inners. So now I am stocking a small selection of Am-Tech tools where they are relevant to my business but the list is growing.

I am finding things now which I have not seen on the market stalls and even though prices are surprisingly low I am making enough to make it all worthwhile.

To you folk trying to get started!

Do not ask me for a link to AM-TECH. They are a huge global operation and have a UK importer who takes shipping containers. Do not try to link to him either unless you want to buy by the pallet load. A good dealership will split pallets and sell to you by the case but if you want to buy in lesser quantities than cases you must find your own local cash-and-carry. I find the Yellow Pages are a good start!