If there is anything you want that is not currently on my list, that does not mean I can't make it. Often I simply haven't thought of it and would welcome an inquiry especially if it triggers a new product. Often however clients want ordinary things but of specific sizes, styles, woods or finishes to match or fit in with other nice things. My rates for such work are exactly the same as any other turning work 15 per hour plus any fittings or materials at a modest mark up on trade. This is how all my goods are priced so that I am left with a reasonable income from my skills after my overheads are covered.

Copies of things or working to drawings costs more due to all the time taken in measuring and transferring dimensions so if you like something you've seen on display or already own but want a pair, figure the second to be 20% dearer than the marked price of the first. While I prefer to work to an estimate I will commit myself to a quote but of course my estimating uncertainty is in there. Estimates work out cheaper most of the time but not everybody wants to gamble!

For more than one copy prices start to come down again as I have a very large selection of calipers and once all the dimensions of an item have been set up my speed builds up the more I make. For much larger numbers a copy lathe is available for small items, this works from a metal template see small batch trade typical commissions on this machine are special door knobs for new kitchens.

Before you order a four poster bed however I have a practical limit of about 5 feet length (longer items can be made sectionally) and a diameter limit of 18 inches. For these very large sizes wood has to be bought in, my normal home produced billets are 12 inches long by up to 10 inches across and up to 4 inches thick. Up to 5 inches square is occasionally available.

Woods are available in a wide variety but not all in all sizes because most semi-exotic trees are from local gardens and are well below mature size. Typically planted too close to houses they have to go when the roots get in amongst the footings or they shut out the light.

Available at time of writing, Walnut, Yew, Laburnum, Cherry, Plum, Holly, Box, Robinia, Sycamore, Maple, Ash, Olive Ash, Oak, Greengage, Smoke bush, Western Red Cedar, Hazel, Hemlock, Rowan, Apple, Pear, Beech, Pagoda, Tulip and Birch. Occasionally I get the jungle woods like Mahogany, Iroko, Afromosia, Teak, Utile and Sapele but I’m not keen on them and so only use it by way of rescuing offcuts or recycling scrapped furniture components. For special work where the customer has a specific requirement, truly exotic wood are bought in and charged on at retail. Recently I have supplied items in Rosewood, Wenge, Zebrano, Purpleheart, Bloodwood, Leadwood, Ebony and Black Walnut.