Day courses

Quite often now people have found me on the internet and wanted to do a course with me only to find themselves too far away. The big Craft retail outlets run 2 day courses and I have had a number of people now who have done these courses without success. They have enjoyed themselves greatly and were now absolutely certain they wanted to take up woodturning seriously but had not learned much.

The first thing to go wrong seems to be that whatever is done on the second day overlays the memories of the first. Secondly the courses concentrate on making things to take away and whenever things get difficult the tutors help, often by doing that difficult bit for the client. The client ends up with a completed project but back home is not able to repeat it.

My method is therefore firstly to do only one day at a time, the client then goes away and practices what has been learned then books back in much later for the other half often bringing a list of questions arising out of the first. Things are only made to better illustrate the lessons which are primarily oriented towards the tools themselves. I start with setting up all the machinery properly then grinding and sharpening the various tools followed by the techniques for their safe use. We then work our way through the basic rack of tools using a variety of seasoned hardwoods.

I have found that  two 3 hour sessions is a reasonable limit for a day and mid day needs a good hour for lunch. Over lunch the client often wants to continue so we do but we talk about wood rather than turning. Converting, seasoning, home built kilns and their use, types of wood suitable for turning and how to get it.

A full day then costs 90 for the lessons lunch arrangements to be discussed at the time of booking.