I have a portable machine that can be used in front of an audience up to a practical limit of 7 rows deep. This assumes that the back rows have good eyesight and hearing! At these shows I talk through what I am doing and explain the whole process or as much of it that the audience seems interested in. I encourage continuous questions because I work best with a freewheeling interactive style with no fixed subject matter save the ongoing project. Only relatively simple things are made at these shows, mushrooms or bottle stoppers and to avoid the scramble I used to get, whatever is made is given to the organizer to auction. With a good, interested crowd and a pleasant evening, this helps cover my fee.

Fees are 15 per hour on site and 20p per mile (round trip). Typically these evenings could go on indefinitely but are usually brought to a close by other considerations with around 2 hours on the clock. Where there are budgetary constraints however I can work to a limit.

 Where there is a possibility of significant sales of goods or courses then fees become negotiable downwards!