This was the CV straight from the electronics industry the one following is the one done for the Adult Education Authorities. Addresses remove re Internet security.


NAME   WOOLLVIN Geoffrey George

EDUCATION to  BSc (Hons) Electrical Engineering (University of Surrey)

         Honours Class 2.1  Electronics, Telecommunications and Computers.

         ONC Electrical Engineering

         2 "A" Level GCEs  Physics and Maths (Pure & Applied)

         7 "O" Level GCEs


      A high technology, defence and civilian, professional electronic equipment design, development, manufacture, installation and support company. Started as an apprentice, graduated, progressed through most engineering posts to senior management grade then specialised in safety. Ultimately became responsible for all aspects of Product, Occupational and Environmental safety, across the whole Company, then 2500 persons turning over about 60M.

      1993 - 1994  Company Safety Manager.

         Product safety design consultant, product hazard and risk assessor, incident co-ordinator. Occupational health and safety manager responsible for all aspects of workplace safety and of unit consisting of part time doctor, full time nurse and company wide network of first aiders, fire marshals and safety representatives

         Key duties, to provide safety advice at all levels across the company, carry out workplace, product and process safety audits, liaise with all external safety authorities and maintain all policy and procedural manuals in accordance with current law, regulations and standards. Radiation safety Advisor with the appointment of subordinate radiation safety supervisors.

      1990 - 1993  Product Safety Co-ordinator

         Design safety advisor, product safety assessor, incident co-ordinator and radiation safety officer (Nuclear and microwave). Key duties, to adapt entire product range to suit increased company liability re “strict product liability legislation” and develop Company procedures in respect of increased statutory accountability of staff and directors. Radiation Protection Supervisor as company holdings of radioactive isotopes increased.

      1984 - 1990  Established Designs Manager

         Design services manager for all company products in production or subject to customer support obligations post production. Successfully set up a then novel method of computer based cost controls in order to manage a very large annual support budget. Safety came to dominate this work due to EEC driven changes in safety law which necessitated extensive private study, courses and a great many professional legal consultations (courses were not then available for everything). This then led to the later career shift above especially the following.  Radiation safety officer (HF, VHF, UHF, Laser, Microwave and Nuclear). (Special courses for this work dependent on Atomic Physics and Quantum Mechanics components of Surrey Honours Degree course.) Registered Radiation Worker (NRPB dosimeter badge holder  and “Qualified person”).

      1979 - 1984  Development Project Manager

         Main project, UK MoD (Army) Tactical Teleprinter, through development, customer acceptance (including Tempest) field trials, manufacture and customer support. The engineering team size peaked at around 40 (professional staff) with a contract value of about࿔ 15M. Direct Liaison with MoD Procurement Executive. The product is scheduled to remain in service at least until year 2000.

      1973 - 1979  Principal Engineer

         Main projects were HF communications equipment developments principally for the Admiralty's ship to shore systems. Consultant to Admiralty Surface Weapons Establishment in respect of ionospheric multipath propagation modem performance improvements. Other related projects included multiple diversity exploiting systems (aimed at submarines), cryptographic and advanced radio equipment, heavily involving direct liaison with GCHQ. All Official Secrets Act considerations now lapsed. One patent filed and key to product range.

      1971 - 1973  Senior Engineer

         Instrument Landing System design and development, used on Jaguar, Buccaneer and Phantom initially then Tornado and more recently Harrier. UHF, VHF and precision analogue circuit design and development through to and including production and customer support. Product still in production (as at 1994).

      1967 - 1971  Electronics Engineer

         Design and development of a range of secondary surveillance radar transponders for civil and military use plus test and calibration equipment for ATC (Air Traffic Control) IFF (Identification Friend or Foe) ILS (Instrument Landing Systems) and VOR (VHF Omni-direction Range/bearing) mainly for airfield use. Two patents filed and key to product ranges.

      1961 - 1967  Indentured Apprentice (Student)

         Long, old style training programme including University later but spending time actually working in every main Company department. The Company then was Cossor Radar and Electronics Ltd and was still known for its primary radar and instruments, (especially oscilloscopes). Extensive machine shop training and day release to Harlow Technical College leading to ONC in engineering with evening classes in Technical Drawing in support. This was part of the standard apprenticeship at Cossor but the opportunity to switch to University based student apprenticeship came with success at this stage.

      GENERAL  Date of Birth      4th June 1943


         Good health record, Non smoker.

         Full clean driving licence.

         Owner occupier, near Stansted Airport.

         Computers, works habitually with PC Word Processor. Also extensive usage of Dbase     II & IIIplus, Lotus 123, Autosketch, Harvard Graphics, SafeChem, MicroCoshh,      CHIP and IBM PC/VM Bond into mainframe MRP and Artemis.


         An extensive metal and woodworking workshop is used for a range of modelling interests financed by wood turning sold through local craft fairs. The wood for this is local and typically storm felled, home converted and seasoned. Various village fund raising activities are supported by membership of community association committees and working groups and until recently chaired the executive committee of a scout group.

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BUSINESS GEOF WOOLLVIN WOODTURNER                       1994 to date

 Registered self employed  after compulsory redundancy, the so called peace dividend following the collapse of the USSR.(See prior CV. Safety Manager)

Small business as a manufacturer of turned wooden articles across the full traditional range using local grown hardwoods (whole trees from local tree surgeons all converted, seasoned and kiln dried on the premises) What was a self funding hobby now scaled up to provide an income. Goods are sold through Craft Fairs, Craft Outlet show cases or personal client visits by appointment. Private commissions  are accepted mostly at craft fairs resulting from the quality of the goods on display. Trade work is taken on especially with local restorers and high end furniture designer/manufacturers. (contact typically from personal recommendation)

Demonstrations at Craft Fairs and talks with demonstrations, at for example Women’s Institute and Evening Institute venues.Trade demonstrations e.g. Hatfield Forest wood fair and National Exhibition Centre Birmingham, demonstrating Robert Sorby tools and machinery (part of Spear & Jackson) sold  by J.Piers woodturning supplies. Teaching, specialising in beginners, in the self contained workshop of 400 sq. ft holding 7 lathes, plus a full range of support machinery. Sales of machinery, accessories,  tools, finishing materials, wood and fittings in fact anything used by way of trade is purchased at trade rates and sold on at very competitive prices due to low overheads and fast turnover.

Web-site. A large gallery of thumbnailed,  high-resolution. digital photographs to view or download covering the full range of products, with full details of all courses and facilities.


2000  Satisfied Trident’s requirements to permit Work Experience Minors in the workshop.

1997 Satisfied Hertford Regional’s requirements to teach evening classes at Turnford College and courses began.

1996  Satisfied requirements to teach evening classes at Bishops Stortford High School.

1996 Satisfied Requirements of Guild of Essex Craftsmen by submission of samples of work and recommendation by existing members.  Registered in the directory for all services especially making, demonstrating and teaching.

1994  Began teaching as a spin-off from demonstrating at craft fairs (by request on the day then later by request following personal recommendations) Large investment in commercial machinery  and professional tools funded by redundancy compensation initially then from profits later.

1988 Began selling work to the general public to finance investment in facilities and provision of materials.  Hobby being  used as therapy in respect of very high stress professional working environment.

1986 Virtually woodturning only, metalwork facilities now being used to make specialised wood lathes, accessories, tools and accessories.

1972 Acquired own workshop facilities including a very old metalwork lathe and started turning as a hobby (in those days mostly metal but some wood and plastic)

1961 Apprenticeship in an engineering company included training on a wide range of industrial machinery with heavy emphasis on lathework.

Other relevant details.

Management training Variety of courses most relevant now being on employment law and ACAS procedures.

Membership of the IEE    e.g. Qualified person re Electrical Safety.

Academic qualifications formally registered with the (Chartered) Institution.

Independent Safety Assessment. Trident representative re. work experience placements.

Full Workplace Safety Assessment. Mine, available on request.

Full electrical safety testing records.  Mine, available on request

Fire extinguisher training.   Essex County Fire and Rescue Service

Lifting, Slinging, Banksman training.  TDT Management Services

All business matters above. Full Product and Public Liability Insurance inc Employer Liability with AXA. As manufacturer, supplier and teacher.