Click on the logo to visit the Draper web-site. For up to date information however don’t use the on-line catalogue use instead the on-line shop as it links directly through to the Company Mainframe and so has the products coming available since the catalogue was published.

I have a trade account with Draper but I don’t have high street overheads. I  can usually offer prices around 30% below list but on some lines where I sell a lot this can improve to around 40% where Draper make me a special price. Sometimes however Draper’s list price is promotional so my discount appears less. The reason I went with Draper was its after-sales facilities and a willingness on behalf of the Company to use them. The amateur usually finds him or herself at the bottom of the market where very low prices and profit margins result in great difficulty when things go wrong. What I found was when a firm had decent after-sales facilities in place the cost of operating them usually meant greater care was taken in the first instance. With the vast quantities of Draper stuff sold however the odd problem is inevitable.

When things do go wrong there are two routes, firstly me. Where necessary, occasionally in the past, spare parts have been dispatched immediately on my phone call. Once where a machine had been dropped by the shipper a big fix was needed, the procedure for this was Draper sent a sticker to repack the machine and re-label it. A Lynx van fetched it and brought it back sorted. You do not get this treatment from the cheapo outfits.

I don't have the sort of turnover that supports stock or VAT registration but if I phone or e-mail the order before mid-day I often have the goods two days later, I then deliver to you by arrangement, no waiting in. I prefer cash but Cheques and all major UK Credit Cards are acceptable. Everything in the Draper catalogue is available this way.

Anywhere in mainland UK but too far from me to visit, you can still have my price.  I can arrange delivery direct to you from Draper.  I cannot support a secure link yet so there is just a short delay while your cheque clears. Soon I will be able to take credit card payment over the phone which will speed things up. I don’t intend actually to get big enough to support a secure link because if I do my prices will then have to rise to match the outfits who already have, VAT registration will then follow plus accountants etc. etc. and it won’t be a good way to live anymore.

This sort of trade account carries a further bonus, I can get all the accessories and much later spare parts too. You can either pay post and packing or if you live near me pick it up yourself. Once I bulk up orders  delivery is free to me. Very few high street outlets are even aware that spares and accessories are available.

Some things I sell you can't buy easily, like a really good screw chuck, I make them myself along with other frequently needed accessories, these prices are truly unbeatable because I don’t supply any retail outlets.