Geof's List

Everything on my list is subject to availability and when I re-order prices can change without notice. I also need to be reimbursed for postage so please phone first to avoid disappointment.   01279 812702.


A start-up order for CROWN tools has been placed. As the ADDIS tools below run out they cannot be re-ordered and the CROWN range will take over. I will only be stocking the HIGH SPEED STEEL range and I won’t be bothering with handles or fancy plastic wallets. I will of course always carry a stock of ferrules and studs for customers to make their own plus wood if needed.

As a full time professional woodturner selling through craft fairs, plus private and trade commission work, all running alongside private courses and Hertford Regional Educational Authority evening class contracts all my machinery, tools and materials come to me through trade suppliers at bulk rates but my overheads are of necessity low. At modest mark-ups I can thus sell all the stuff I use, well below high street retail prices or even Internet prices where you are buying just the one, plus if you call you can be sure to get exactly what you want and have no shipping/handling charges. However don’t just turn up, as a sole trader I am often out or busy with a course client. There is no shop as such, I cannot afford business rates on such a facility nor staff to occupy it so you call by arrangement as a private visitor.

Geof’s screw chuck   20  (3/4” x 16tpi)  20 (1” x 8)  Own design for rigidity.

Geof’s small screw chuck   15  (3/4” x 16tpi)  Hide your mount!

Addis 3/4” Roughing gouge 24 (inc handle) (These are the tools I use teaching)

Addis Spindle gouge   12  (inc handle)      (These are the tools I use teaching)

Addis 1/2”  scraper 13  (inc handle)         (These are the tools I use teaching)

Addis Plain parter  12 (inc handle)            (These are the tools I use teaching)

Geof’s deep scraper   20   Own design to avoid dig-ins.

Geof’s deep borer   16  (inc handle)  Own design, very versatile.

Geof’s thin parter   15  (inc handle)  All hard HSS  (Eclipse blade)

Geof’s round scraper   20 (no handle)  ” steel body HSS tip

All Robert Sorby tools   See Don’s list    Sorby list less the VAT.

All Chestnut Products   See list    List means Don’s list.

Starter set Vitex Abrasives  6.50 (4x 1/2M)  Twice the price five times life.

Sanding sealer    2 Cellulose pre-diluted  Starter jar 200ml    (ready to use)

Friction polish    3 Chestnut   Starter jar 200ml   (ready to use)

Standard thinners 1 for cellulose .Starter jar 200ml

Brushes metal handle round  1    For fitting in jar lid.

Carnauba Wax    1    Hard yellow, Geof’s sticks no added polimers.

Handle kits    1  (medium)   White Ash, Alloy ferule and Chrome end cap.

Safety over-glasses   2.50    “Bullet proof”

Respirator dust masks   1.50    10x Occupational exposure limit

Paraffin wax (end seal)   3.00 (per Kg)   For melting and dipping ends.

Diamond dressers   8   Safely resurface your grinding wheels

Diamond Hones small set 5 large set 8  same as “Screwfix’s” but cheaper

Tailstock chucks 1MT  10 (13mm) Amazing value.

Live Centres Twin race pro version 1MT  20 Amazing value 

Everything in the Draper catalogue is available through me at a nominal 30% discount from list, except stuff I sell a lot of, where I then get bulk dealer rate and prices can go down to 40% off list. Draper special clearance lines are often available at around half list price or better but grab these as you see them, they are usually one-off opportunities.  The deal is, you order it one week and pick it up the next (except Xmas when Draper gets swamped) I don’t hold big stocks so I can work on a very small margin. This does not affect your statutory rights, Draper are very good on warranty and where necessary (happily not often) I can get replacement parts by return.



Everything in Donald’s catalogue is available through me at Don’s prices. He discounts as  Distributor and splits his margin with me. If you’ve got the time, his workshop is well worth a visit otherwise give me a week  and I’ll get it for you.

Their top selling line is the GRIP-A-DISC and its now being widely exported. I have been deeply involved with its development since Len died and Donald and I have experimented a lot with the bonding. Now to get the glue to let go you have to abuse the abrasive so much you destroy the face of the pad first. Thanks to Len’s original breakthrough design however even when you do this the expensive Velcro hook face survives to take a fresh disc.