I carry a very comprehensive package of professional insurance with AXA.

The main part of the policy is product liability and public liability to cover my clients for damages via defective goods or services. Most of the craftworkers I know only cover themselves as market traders but I welcome visitors to my workshop (by invitation only please) both to buy things and for courses or individual lessons so I have to go further.  I also demonstrate at craft fairs etc. and where crowd control is easy I can let members of the public have a go, closely supervised of course.

While I was at it I was offered a package which covered everything from the bricks and mortar up called “Business at Home” while I’m not in any way an agent for AXA I know quite a lot of craft people visit this site and to them I recommend this package or others like it. Perviously I had all aspects of house, home contents, workshop contents, stock, staging and mobile machinery plus product and public liability all separately covered by specialist policies. When the Halifax then refused my “all risks” element because I was running a business from home I had to find something better. Their loss, overall my insurance bill halved but my cover improved. Each separate policy was carrying a large fixed component especially the Halifax.

In these days where everybody seems to sue for virtually anything even where the damage was obviously their own fault the most comforting thing to me is the knowledge that I will automatically get access to good legal support should it happen to me.