One-to-one is by far the best way to learn, I can pick up on your natural aptitudes and develop them, plus I can tailor the course content to suit your particular interests. Courses can be long or short, we can cover the whole Craft from the selection of trees, converting the timber, seasoning it, preparing blanks to designing and making things.  Or we can just do turning. Along the way you will be taught how to grind, sharpen and maintain your tools plus how to set up and look after your lathe. For a simple hobby where you intend to buy blanks and just make stuff for your own amusement the course can be reduced to a minimum but you must still learn to be fully self sufficient with your tools and machinery.

As a basic guide each lesson lasts 2 hours, costs 30 all in, and teaches a tool. We start with grinding and sharpening the tool, then the grip, the posture and the cutting technique. Only seasoned hardwoods are used, its not a waste as you will learn nothing of value from lesser materials. The first lesson starts with the lathe itself and how to set it up to suit you, then you need to understand the basic screw chuck, we then 'do' the roughing gouge. Fortunately the roughing gouge, even though its the biggest tool in the rack,  its the easiest to work with, so there is often time at the end to consider a simple finish. All other lessons have plenty of time for finishing and cover a different finish each time. By the time you have learned all the tools you will also have learned enough finishing techniques to deal properly with any project you are likely to take on.

You can book a lesson any day bar Sunday, anytime day or evening to suit yourself just phone to find a mutually available slot. If you already have a lathe and tools leave them in their boxes till you've had your first lesson then don't have another lesson until you have your own workshop up and running. If you don’t have a lathe or tools don’t buy any until you have had some lessons. I provide everything for the lessons and after you have used all my stuff you will then not only know what you really need but what sizes and types suit you best. I have just about everything.