When I got into the Cash & Carry warehouse on the trail of Am-Tech stuff I was very pleasantly surprised to find also a range of Rolson products. I had planned to go after them after getting a trade arrangement set up for AM-Tech and it just fell in my lap. Some of their stuff I new about and it competes with Am-Tech but other items fill gaps in the range and vice-versa. Quality is as good as AM-Tech and prices just as keen both seriously undercutting the high street and often Draper too. Its strange how history repeats itself there was a time when Draper was regarded as cheap  but they have now gone much further up the market. My clients however tend to buy on a very tight budget, happy to make do with adequate and leave the expensive high quality stuff to the professionals. They are right too because in the main they are still learning and having the occasional accidents and their workshops are sheds and garages so most of their tools deteriorate fairly quickly with corrosion.

The wharehouse is also beginning to stock Pro-Tek tools and I have bought a few to try, so far they too are pretty good and also very economical.