Trial lesson


The first session of all my courses combines the basics of the lathe itself, the screw chuck, preparing the blank, roughing it down to a cylinder, sanding it, sealing it and wax polishing it. This may sound ambitious but I've had a lot of practice and if the beginner has a fair natural aptitude we can often fit in a go with the round nosed scraper as well. As a trial these lessons once and for all establish if this is the hobby to suit you. If its not there are no obligations and no hard feelings, it stops there.

The two hour lesson costs 30 like all the other lessons but it can save a lot more, there are a lot of sad rusting machines in sheds where folk have bought them full of good intentions only to find they they couldn’t do it. Most of them however are there, wasted, for the want of a lesson because as I know only too well its very hard to start up all on your own however many books you have read, but then all those years ago I had a flat zero budget and even built my own first machine and made all my own first tools. I estimate, looking back that it took me well over two years to get to where I can now put you in six weeks and I had been doing metal turning for years before that.

These trial lessons are often bought as presents, the recipient gets a full letterheaded paid up invoice and simply has to phone up with his diary handy then show up.