I used to buy these mechanisms in. They were then imports in brass. As time went on quality went way down and price went up so I experimented with my own. The copper parts are spun by hand from water pipe stock and the main body is heavily chromed wardrobe rail. Now I only buy in the spring and if I buy them 100 at a time I can afford stainless steel. My quality is now way beyond the imports and I’ve fine tuned the design to work a lot better. Raw material costs at trade are minimal so that what used to be an overhead is now wages. Other woodturners try to buy them off me but I only make enough to supply my own lamps.

Chimneys can be a problem. My original source via trade sources unknown to me was in the Balkans, I found this out when supplies dried up with the troubles. Now my ultimate source is China through an importer in Scotland. Finding this is down to the internet had I stayed with the Craft Supplies outlets I would be paying three times as much for cheap green glass, these are proper Borosilicate (Pyrex)